What is Aviomieskoulu?

Avio (marriage) Mies (man/husband) Koulu (school)

Aviomieskoulu is a new psychological prevention programme for men. It was invented by a psychologist and it is monitored and implemented by psychologists. We try to change the attitudes and prejudice among the mainstream culture that men do not care about their loved ones, family or themselves. We argue that they actually do and especially young men would be keen on taking part into enhancing their own psychological well-being, but we don’t have enough appealing services for them. Therefore, Aviomieskoulu has taken the step towards the new age and innovatively brings available alternative psychological services for men. The main idea is to improve young men’s skills in mentalization, self-awareness and stress control in order to prevent misfortunes in later relationships and parenting. All in all, the target is to improve men’s psychological functioning holistically. The theory behind Aviomieskoulu is integrating diffenrent traditional approaches and positive psychology. You are more than welcome to our trainings. All trainings are open to private customers but also communities, municipalities and business customers. Please ask more through email or phone. We kindly invite you to take the brave step with us. Services start in 2017, but we take applications already now! Welcome!


Awareness Experience for couples and singles

Improving awareness and mentalization skills have proved to be efficient in e.g. stress control.

Similar way of thinking is very useful in enhancing relationships or our well-being in general. Awareness Experiences provided by Aviomieskoulu concentrate on acceptance and awareness in being together as a couple or in a group.

Come and join alone or with your partner and feel the effect of being together in an accepting way. You are warmly welcome!


This weekend training for asylum seekers and refugees is aiming at strenghtening men’s psychological well-being and settling down in a new cultural environment. Managing stress and reflecting one’s beliefs as well as experiences also create a very important opportunity to evaluate future needs for support.

Aviomieskoulu offers support and guidance for men facing relationship problems especially in communicating, expressing affection or in child rearing. As majority of professionals in therapy field are women, Aviomieskoulu can provide somewhat neutral space for men to contemplate their personal inner process and experiences for example during couple or family therapy. You are warmly welcome!

Aviomieskoulu, two-year full training

The cornerstone training is lasting for two years. It integrates individual and group work in the guidance of a licenced psychologist. In the beginnig there is a three-time evaluation period, where the applicants life situation, motivation and psychological strenghts are evaluated. If in crisis, they are approproately guided to other health services if needed. The two-year training consists of two individual meetings per month and four group sessions (weekends) in a year. The group sessions proceed chronologically from childhood to adulthood highlighting major psychological developmental stages and their meaning for one’s psychological functioning. We walk through early attachment to early adulthood, romantic relationships, working life, adulthood and parenting for example. In the end of each year there is an evaluation meeting for all participants.